Monday, January 9, 2012

Inexpensive security camera setup in the "cloud"

I have utilized for a couple of years now and thought I would write a short post on the many uses of the video feed sharing site. The concept is simple. Connect an IP cam to your home network, input a few simple settings, and let archive and notify you of motion activated activity on your cam.

On the website you will find many different uses that feed providers have found for their web cams. I use one for my backyard that is public and one for my garage that is private. The choice is yours on whether you want share your feed or keep it to yourself. For instance my camera was setup on my backyard during the Joplin Tornado and recorded the high winds we received here at my location. See it here The tornado is actually on the ground at around 5:34 about 5-6 miles directly south of my house. All the storms were intense that day. Part of living in the midwest I guess.

You can't beat the price for a security system that alerts you motion and archives video. You can pick up a wireless IP cam for around $70.

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