Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bad news for scanner listeners

Scanner listeners in and around Jasper County will be hearing less within the next couple of years. In addition to Joplin encrypting police traffic and Webb City migrating to the NXDN protocol, which cannot be monitored by scanners on the market today, Jasper County Sheriff's Dept will also join the digital age along with Carthage PD.
Jasper County will be moving to Mototurbo (DMR) within the next couple of years. As of this post there are no scanners on the market that currently decode this protocol. Carthage PD will join Webb City with Kenwoods Nexedge line of digital radios. As mentioned above these digital radios cannot be monitored by scanner radio's.
So hearing little Johnny get pulled over and arrested for warrants may be coming to an end. Unless the scanner industry includes these two formats in new scanners then things will begin to get very quiet here in Jasper County.


  1. I was afraid this day would eventually come. Do you think scanner manufacturers will keep up?

  2. Hoping so. Found this on RR's forum.

    There seems to be alot of agencies going that route.


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