Saturday, July 23, 2011

Joplin Tornado Victims FEMA Trailer park

After doing some reading on what is called FEMA trailer parks I feel even more sorry for the tornado victims that will be inhabiting them.

The trailer park, currently being built south of the Joplin Airport, is going up quickly and soon will be occupied by homeless victims of the May 22 Joplin,Mo tornado.
However, in past disasters these parks have been plagued with drugs and crime. Due to government "freeloading" some cities have had to force occupants to show progress on rebuilding or move out. Some forced out homeless even after court battles. The trailers themselves are said to be thin walled and not insulated well. Granted, a majority will do their best to look forward, rebuild, and move on. I feel for those with families with kids that will have no choice but to occupy the trailers, not knowing who will living next to them, a thief? a pervert? Just another horrible situation for these victims. I hope some church groups will provide some activities and something to do for the children in the park periodically. The trailers are small and there are no parks close to that area.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I read that the city is building playgrounds in the temporary housing areas.


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