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Carthage Team Policing Target Run Down Neighborhood

Story posted 2011.07.15 at 06:02 PM CDT
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JOPLIN, MO. --Often residents perception of crime makes a difference in the actual crime rate in an area. Carthage Police are taking a pro-active approach against crime.
Karen Davis is tired of being victimized by crime.
"They broke in that back window of the bedroom," She says.
Her neighborhood is the most recent candidate for 'Team Policing':
A program the Carthage Police Department is using to target troubled areas of town.
"There's a lot of places that need to be fixed up especially the one next door it needs it.
It's the theory that run-down neighborhoods invite crime that's why Carthage Police are taking a proactive approach.
Ultimately our goal is to make Carthage an even better place to live than it already is," Carthage Police Captain Randee Kiser says.
They're using extra patrols, and volunteers to help clean up the area.
Officers say the perception of crime is just as important as the actual crime rate in an area.
"The windows all knocked out some of em roofs are starting to cave in and things just no way anyone could ever live in em again," Team Policing Officer Mike Whitehead says.
The newest target area is from Clinton to River Street and Central to Chestnut in Carthage.
"Start with the areas that have the greatest need, improve them and move on to the next area," Kiser says.
Carthage Police took a survey which shows, more than half of the people living in the last target area were fearful of crime before the program started.
That number is now less than 25 percent.
"It'll help us out a lot knowing the police is close by to help take care of our property," Davis says.

Story posted 2011.07.15 at 06:02 PM CDT

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