Thursday, June 3, 2010

Severe weather last night.

If you were listening last night you heard me program the amateur radio severe weather net to listen to on the feed. I thought it worked out well and who knows, it may have got someones attention to the severity of the storms. They caught me off guard and I consider myself on top of things when it comes to severe weather.

In case you are wondering the local weather net was held on 147.210 mhz.
The nets are sometimes worthy of good weather information, however some of the reports may be a little exaggerated. The net control operator here in SW Mo is Dwayne Beaver. Dwayne has a very good reputation with the NWS in Springfield and takes his job very seriously.

Hers is "sideways" video of the Pittsburg funnel from last night.
You may want to lay on the floor next to your laptop to watch it :-)

Pittsburg funnel

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